Ad Review

NLD’s Compliance department reviews and approves all client advertising and marketing materials prior to their printing or use. Each piece is carefully reviewed in accordance with state and federal advertising regulations to ensure compliance and to avoid violations resulting from the improper use of the material. As an NLD client, you will also have access to our comprehensive Advertising and Marketing Manual, which will help you understand important compliance considerations when preparing your materials. NLD employs a staff of compliance specialists, who are available during business hours to discuss questions you may have. Our industry and regulatory knowledge allows us to:

  • Assist you in understanding applicable regulatory requirements
  • Review and file all fund-related sales and advertising materials with FINRA
  • Maintain records of all filed marketing and advertising materials

As our client, you will submit all of your fund-related materials for review through our dedicated advertising portal. This portal provides a trackable workflow for each submission and gives you access to all of your previously filed and reviewed materials. Each submission also contains notes, backup documentation and FINRA review letters where applicable, which you can access at any time for internal and external reporting requirements, such as responding to SEC requests.

12b-1 Payments

NLD collects 12b-1 fees paid by its fund clients and facilitates payment to third party vendors. 12b-1 payments are first made to selling brokers and to cover platform related expenses. Remaining 12b-1 balances are then utilized to cover NLD’s distribution fees and expenses and other fund related marketing expenses.

Selling Agreements

NLD has a multitude of relationships you can leverage to considerably reduce the time it takes your fund to establish new selling agreements. Through the selling agreement process, NLD will:

  • Arrange and maintain all dealer-related selling agreements
  • Facilitate payment of 12b-1 fees and commissions, and provide quarterly board reports
  • Assist in getting your fund established on various distribution platforms

Through your log-in to our web-site you are able to view all selling agreements we maintain related to your fund(s). You can access the actual executed copy of the selling agreements at any time, as well as other important information, such as personnel contacts associated with the selling agreements. Additionally, you can sign up to be immediately notified via email when new selling agreements affecting your fund(s) are established.


Through NLD’s membership with the NSCC, we can obtain an NSCC clearing number for your fund, saving you the time involved with becoming an NSCC member.

Board Reports

NLD provides 12b-1 reports for your fund’s board of trustees. These reports detail how 12b-1 related fees were paid out, including payments, where applicable, broken down by share class.


NLD may be able to arrange for certain representatives of the advisor who are wholesaling the fund(s) to obtain and maintain appropriate licensing in accordance with FINRA and state laws, including a Series 6 or 7 and 63.